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Zupee Ludo Apk Download

Zupee Ludo Download (2023): if you want to download Zupee Ludo App then this article is for you. In this article, we are going to tell you how to download the zupee app and the download link to the zupee app has also been given. If you download Zupee Ludo from the link below, you will get a free bonus to win more money by playing Ludo. So let’s know what Zupee Ludo is and how to download it.

What is Zupee Ludo App?

Zupee is an online multiplayer Ludo gaming app. It has one type of ludo game by which you can win real money. Games like Ludo Supreme, Ludo Ninja, Ludo Turbo, Snacks and Ladders Plus, Carrom Ninja, and Trump Card Mania are all in this Zupee App. It is a safe and reliable gaming app.

Online Ludo Game Paisa Wala जीतें ₹500 रोज़

Key Features Of Zupee Ludo

  • 100% Secure & Legal
  • RNG Certified
  • Instant Withdrawals
  • Supreme Cashback
  • Easy Interface
  • No Hack No Cheat
  • 24/7 Tournament
  • Dedicated Customer Support
zupee apk download

Zupee Ludo App Information

App NameZupee Ludo
Signup Bonus₹10
Referral Bonus₹100
Minimum Withdrawal₹60
Referral Code3889UJWNIP
Last Update17, May 2023
Game Time10 Minutes
Offer ByCashgrail Private Limited

How To Download Zupee Ludo App?

Friends, many people want to download Zupee Ludo App from Google Play Store but you will not find this app on Google Play Store. The way to download it is as follows. You can also download Zup Ludo Latest Version by clicking on the download button below.

WhatsApp Group से जुड़े 👉 Join Now
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Step #1: First of all open your browser.

Step #2: Now search Zupee App in Google.

Step #3: Now open Zupee’s official website Zupee.com.

Step #4: After that click on the button Download App.

WhatsApp Group से जुड़े 👉 Join Now
Telegram Group से जुड़े 👉 Join Now

Step#5: Download Zupee APK File Now.

Step#6: After that enable the Unknown Source setting.

Step#7: Now Install Zupee APK File.

In this way now Zupee Ludo App will be downloaded and installed on your phone. You can download this app now by clicking on the download button below.

Zupee APK Download Information

Downloading the Zupee apk is very easy, you just have to click on the download button to install the apk. Below you have been given information about the zupee apk.

  • APK Name – Zupee APK Download
  • File Size – 38MB
  • Version – 4.236
  • Downloads – 20+ Million
  • License – Free

Zupee Ludo App Referral Code 2023

By using the Zupee Ludo Game you can get a bonus for free. Zupee Referral Code is given below.

Zupee Referral Code3889UJWNIP
Referral AmountRs.10
Minimum RedemptionRs.60

Earn ₹7000 Ludo Gold By Zupee

Earn ₹7000 per day from Zupee

Friends, if you want to earn ₹7000 per day from Zupee, then all you have to do is to play the games as well as possible, when you play the game using the right skill, then your chances of winning increase. Also, you can share this app on your social media like youtube, Instagram reels, Facebook, and Telegram channel and earn ₹7000 per day.

How To Play Games on Zupee?

The goal of the game is to get all four tokens out of the yard and reach the house by rotating them in a clockwise direction around the board. If you manage to move all your tokens to the home box in front of your opponents, you win the game.

How To Play Games on Zupee Ludo App
  1. First of all, log in to Zupee App.
  2. In this, you can log in with your mobile number or email.
  3. Now select your favorite Ludo game and click on Play Now.
  4. Now Select the Tournament and Pay the Entry Fee.
  5. Now the ludo game will start with a few sticks.
  6. Now you have to play the game using a good brain and be the winner.
  7. Now you can send the winning money to your bank account or Paytm.

How To Win In Zupee Ludo Game?

I have won more than 25,000 in the Zupee app recently so I can share how you can win in the Zupee Ludo Supreme App and what strategy people follow.

1. If you have a higher score than your opponent, Play slow and waste time.

2. Always keep your notices on the next star to your home always keep your goatees on the next star to your home.

3. Move from the opponent’s home only if you get 6 so that beating chances are less.

15 Best Zupee Ludo Game Tricks and Tips

Here is a list of the 15 best Ludo tricks and tips to always win the Ludo game online.

Zupee Ludo Game Tricks and Tips
  1. Strategize your moves
  2. Do not slack
  3. Safeguard your best man
  4. Do not underestimate your opponent
  5. Use ‘time’ to your advantage 
  6. Play with all your tokens
  7. Park the token at the start & capture
  8. Utilize the Safe boxes
  9. Know your opponent 
  10. Dice value division
  11. Rule of 7
  12. Remember your token’s positions 
  13. Home-Kill 
  14. Hone your skills 
  15. Choose your format based on the risk

How To Withdraw Money From Zupee Ludo Supreme

  • Click on the wallet option from the top.
  • Now click on the withdraw button.
  • Enter the amount and place a withdrawal request.
  • Your withdrawal request will be processed immediately your withdrawal request will be processed immediately.

Zupee Ludo Supreme League

Zupee Ludo Supreme League is a single-player Ludo format where you compete with others to score the highest and move up the leaderboards to win real cash prizes. It combines the super successful Ludo Supreme with a tournament format that allows a Ludo fan like you to compete against a large number of players and win.

How to play Ludo Supreme League by Zupee

Zupee Ludo Supreme League is a single-player online ludo tournament where you compete against other players to score the highest and move up the leaderboard. Here are the steps to play Ludo Supreme League by Zupee.

  • Register for a ludo tournament of your choice from the different options available.
  • Once the game starts, all participating players are assigned yellow tokens.
  • Apart from your yellow tokens, there are 12 other ones on the board. 4 each of Green, Red, and Blue. These 12 tokens are stationary and hold the same positions on the board for all participating players.
  • Each of these tokens carries certain points. Please tap on the tokens to find out how many points you can earn by cutting them. Cut as many as possible to increase your chance of ranking higher.
  • All players get an equal number of 1s, 2s, 3s 4s 5s, and 6s on their dice, except in a different order.
  • Scoring – You get 1 point for moving one box. When you cut a token on the board, you get the points the token carries and an extra move. Make sure you cut all the tickets to score high. Every time your token reaches Home, you get an extra move.
  • You get 36 moves in a game and 15 seconds to play each move. If you run out of time, your time bank of 60 seconds will be activated which can be used throughout the game.
  • If you exhaust your Timebank, you will land out of the game and the points scored till then will be considered the final score.
  • Aim to score the highest to move up the leaderboard and win bigger.

Zupee Ludo Customer Support Number

Zupee Ludo provides help for any problem you may have. You can send your issue to Zupee customer care support via email. Apart from this, you can contact them by connecting to their social media.

E-mail: [email protected]

Pros and Cons of The Zupee Ludo

Below given are the pros and cons of this application.


  • This is a game for more than one person.
  • There are many tournaments available.
  • There are many withdrawal options available.
  • The min Withdrawal amount is ₹60.


  • Zupee is not available on The Google Play store.


Is Zupee real?

Yes, it is trusted by millions of verified players. The gameplay is safe and withdrawal is very easy.

Is it safe to play games on Zupee Ludo?

Yes, it is absolutely safe and legal to play online games on the Zupee App.

Can I play online Zupee Ludo games and earn money?

Yes. You can play Zupee Ludo online and win Ludo money. Zupee is one such Ludo earning app, that allows you to play Ludo online.

Is it safe to add money to Zupee Wallet?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to add money to the zupee wallet. You can add money to Zupee using UPI, bank accounts, wallets, credit cards, and debit cards.

How many players can play Zupee Ludo?

Zupee Ludo can be played between 2-4 players.

Is Ludo online a game of skill or luck?

Ludo is a strategic board game where you do not have control over the dice roll. Thus, it is neither a pure skill nor a luck-based game.

Can I cheat while playing Ludo online?

No. There are no cheat codes to win the online Ludo game, especially Ludo games by Zupee. What you need is a strategy that can help you win.

Where Can I Play Online Ludo Games?

You can play online Ludo games on Zupee, with verified online players. Moreover, they offer you three variations of Ludo, and a chance to win cash up to 10 lakhs.

How can I withdraw my money from this?

Withdrawing money from Zoopi Wallet is quick and secure. You can withdraw money from your wallet using UPI or a bank account.

How do you earn money on Zupee?

You can earn money by playing Ludo on Zupee and you can take that money into your bank account.

Can we signup with multiple accounts on our phones?

No, you can signup with only one zupee account on one of your devices.

Is Zupee available on the Play Store?

Zupee is not available on the Google Play store, you can download it by going to Zupee.com’s Official Website.

Is Zupee a real money gaming platform for Ludo?

Yes, Zupee is a real money gaming platform that allows you to play Ludo games and win real money. You can participate in Ludo tournaments and win cash and referral bonuses, which can be withdrawn instantly.

Final Word

I hope you got the information about Zupee Ludo App through this article. To download Zupee Ludo App now, click on the Hi Download button above and install and play Ludo and win cash. If you like this information, then share this article in your Facebook, WhatsApp, and Telegram groups. Thank you.

Disclaimer: This game is prone to financial risk, please play at your own risk. This article related to Zupee Ludo app has been written with the aim of increasing your knowledge. We do not endorse it in any way nor do we encourage you to play games on it.

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