Howzat App Download (2024) – Get Free ₹3000 Bonus

Howzat App Download

Howzat App – Get Free ₹3000 Bonus: Fantasy sports games are very popular these days, and Howzat is one such app that has made cricket a new and fun experience for cricket players. The app is a game based on the Indian Premier League (IPL) and other international cricket matches and offers players an opportunity to use their cricketing knowledge to create their team and win money.

Howzat is primarily a fantasy cricket application, moreover, it is one of the most popular fantasy apps in the world. With simple rules, this gaming app can be easily used by almost every cricket fan in the world. So let’s know what is Howzat, how to download it, and how to earn money from it.

What is Howzat App?

Howzat App is a fantasy gaming platform. On this gaming platform, users can use their gaming skills to create fantasy teams and win money. This app is also called as Howzat Fantasy Cricket App. This includes sports like cricket, football, and kabaddi. This fantasy gaming application was launched in 2019 and it has become a popular fantasy app in India at the moment.

Through this application, you can share your gaming knowledge and win money and prizes by joining online teams and playing games. Apart from cricket, you can also play football or kabaddi through this app and earn money. The application is trusted and currently, Harbhajan Singh, Irfan Pathan, and Yuvraj Singh are its brand ambassadors.

Howzat Fantasy Cricket App Information

App NameHowzat Fantasy App
Signup Bonus₹3000*
Referral Bonus₹6000*
Minimum Withdrawal₹100
Download LinkClick To Download
Referral CodeH3MPGPG3W3
Last Update12, March 2024
Offer ByHowzat Games India Pvt. Ltd.

*Terms and conditions apply

Howzat Key Features:

🠺 Low Competition
🠺 Minimum Low Withdrawal (₹50)
🠺 Available on Play Store and App Store
🠺 100% Legal and Secure
🠺 Exciting Cash Bonus Offers
🠺 24/7 Customer Support
🠺 Instant Withdrawal
🠺 Strict Fair Play Policy
🠺 A Change To Play With Legends

How To Download Howzat App?

The Howzat app can be easily downloaded on your smartphone. It is available for download on the Google Play Store for Android smartphone users and the App Store for iOS users. Apart from this, you can also download this application from its official website by following the steps given below.

  1. First of all, open your phone’s browser.
  2. After this search type Howzat Fantasy App Download in the search bar.
  3. Now open the official website.
  4. After that click on the button of Download App.
  5. Now download the Howzat APK File.
  6. By doing this, the APK file will start downloading.
  7. Now when the APK file is completely downloaded, click on that APK file.
  8. Now enable Install Unknown Source Settings.
  9. Now finally install Howzat APK.
How To Download Howzat App

Now after the Howzat APK installation is complete, the Howzat app will appear as an icon on the home screen of your smartphone. After the installation, you are all set to log in to it. So let’s know how to log in to it.

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Howzat App Referral Code 2024

The referral code of the Howzat App is H3MPGPG3W3. Use this referral code while signing up and avail the maximum bonus. Download the Howzat App today and now by clicking on the link given below. You can also earn up to ₹6000 per referral by using your referral code. Note that its terms and conditions apply.

Howzat App Referral Code

What Fantasy Sports Are Available in Howzat?

There are mainly 3 Fantasy Games available on the Howzat App which are as follows.

⏵ Howzat Fantasy Cricket
⏵ Howzat Fantasy Kabaddi
⏵ Howzat Fantasy Football

Howzat Fantasy Cricket

The primary objective of fantasy cricket is to select the best playing 11 from the two playing teams, score as many points, and defeat your opponents. The players you select get points based on how well they perform during the game.

Howzat Fantasy Kabaddi

Like Fantasy Kabaddi, the game of Kabaddi is also getting more and more popular globally. Hence Fantasy Kabaddi gets you closer to the action, be it an Indian Kabaddi League game or any other competition. The other team’s defenders earn points for stopping the raider while the raider gets points for each player he makes contact with.

Howzat Fantasy Football

Fantasy football game operates similarly to fantasy cricket in that you choose a virtual team and earn points by defeating your rivals. Pick the top 11 players who can get the most points from their performances.

Apart from this, there can be other sports in the coming time that can be added to the Howzat Fantasy Cricket app.

How To Login to Howzat App?

Follow the steps given below to log in to the Howzat app.

  • Step 1: Open the Howzat app.
  • Step 2: There will be an option for login on the screen, click on it.
  • Step 3: Now you have to sign up yourself in the App with your mobile number or email ID to sign up.
  • Step 4: On the next page, you will get an option to enter your password, in which you will have to enter the password.
  • Step 5: If you have signed up with your mobile number then an OTP will be sent to that number.
  • Step 6: Now enter the OTP with which you will be able to verify your number.
  • Step 7: If you have signed up with your email ID, then a verification link will be sent to your email, Click on it to verify yourself.
  • Step 8: After Verification, you log in to your Howzat account.
  • Step 9: After logging in, you will appear in the Howzat game.

Now your account will be created on the Howzat App. After this, you can create your team, play the Fantasy Game by joining the contest in the match and win money.

How To Login to Howzat App

How To Add Cash On Howzat App?

Before playing the Fantasy Game on this, you have to deposit some Cash, only then you can apply your team to win in the upcoming Contest. Follow these steps to add money to Howzat.

  • Step #1: First of all tap on the option of Add Cash.
  • Step # 2: Now if you have not completed KYC then you have to verify the address.
  • Step #3: Use Aadhar Card for Address Verification.
  • Step #4: After this enter your amount as much as you want to add.
  • Step #5: Now click on the payment option. You can use a Credit Card/Debit Card, UPI, Paytm Wallet, or Net Banking to make the payment.

Once you follow these steps, the money will be successfully and securely deposited into your Houzat account.

How To Add Cash On Howzat App

How To Complete KYC on the Howzat App?

If you play a game on Howzat and win prizes and money with your skill then you can take that won money into your bank account but before that, you have to complete the KYC process for your account so let’s know Howzat KYC How to do it.

  • Step #1: First of all open your Howzat App.
  • Step #2: Now tap on the option of More.
  • Step #3: After this, you will see the option of KYC.
  • Step #4: Now click on the option of KYC.
  • Step #5: Here your mobile number must have been verified at the time of sign-up, then start the process.
  • Step #6: Now click on Verify Aadhaar Card and choose any one option from Enter Aadhaar Number, Verify with OTP, and Verify Manual.
  • Step #7: Now click on the Continue button and Verify your Aadhaar Card.
  • Step # 8: After Aadhaar Card Verification, verify your PAN card by following the Same Process.
How To Complete KYC on Howzat App

How To Withdraw Money From Howzat App?

Follow the steps given below to withdraw money from the Howzat app.

🠺 Open the Howzat app and log in to your account in it.
🠺 Now go to your profile and go to your account and look in your account there to find out how much money you have.
🠺 You will see the Withdraw option in the Howzat account, there you click on the Withdraw option.
🠺 Howzat app will provide you with some payment options like Paytm, Bank Transfer, etc. Select the particular option you want to withdraw your money.
🠺 After that fill in all the appropriate information very carefully for the Withdrawal option.
🠺 Set your amount for Withdrawal and place the request. Within no time the amount will be transferred to your account based on your given bank details.

After the complete process, your money will be successfully withdrawn. In this way, you can easily withdraw money using the Howzat app.

How To Withdraw Money From Howzat App

How To Earn Money From Howzat App?

Howzat App provides you with an opportunity to earn money. This is a big part of Fantasy Gaming. Its users can earn money and prizes with their gaming skills on it. So let’s see what are the ways to earn money from it.

Earn money by making Fantasy Team

Through the Howzat app, you can create your fantasy team for cricket and football. This online fantasy game app gives you the chance to choose your favorite players and assemble your team. You’ll have to compete with the rest of your team in competitions and make the necessary changes to your team to win. Depending on the match and the performance of your team, you can win prize money according to the result.

Earn money by referring to Howzat

Howzat App also provides a referral program, using which you can tell other people about Howzat App through your Social Media, Blog, and YouTube Channel and download this app by referring. When you refer others to the Howzat app using your referral code or link and they sign up, you will get a referral bonus. It will be credited to your Howzat account and you can withdraw it from your account. This way you can get more people to download it and earn more referral bonuses.

How to Join Cash Contest on the Howzat App?

Once you download the Howzat application, join any contest you want and with the steps given below, you can easily join any Howzat contest.

⏵ To join the contest, download and open the Howzat App.
⏵ You will be seeing the upcoming cricket matches there, click on the match for which you want to join the contest.
⏵ Now the page has opened in front of you, you will see many contests in it.
⏵ Now you can join them very easily and there you will also see the Fees for joining the Contest.
⏵ By investing you can join the contest.
⏵ Make a good team by reading all the information carefully.
⏵ You will join the Contest because, based on the performance of the team, you can win that Contest.
⏵ After choosing the team, click on the option Join Now.
⏵ You will see the rest of the information as soon as you join the contest.
⏵ Your score on the leaderboard will keep updating with your increasing points as the match progresses.

How To Play Howzat Fantasy Cricket?

Following are the steps to play the Fantasy Cricket game on the Howzat Fantasy Cricket App.

  • Step 1: Select the match you want to play on Howzat.
  • Step 2: Now create your Fantasy Cricket team by selecting players from both teams.
  • Step 3: Now enter your created team from the many contests available on Howzat.
  • Step 4: When your team is in the winning ranking then you win the cash competition.
  • Step 5: You can join more cash contests to win more amount.
How To Play Howzat Fantasy Cricket

What are the tips and tricks to win in fantasy sports?

Following are some fantasy tips and tricks while selecting your team, which can help you build a better fantasy cricket team.

1: View pitch and weather reports.

2: Make sure it is a batting pitch or a bowling pitch.

3: Now select the players in your team accordingly.

4: Study the performance and records of the players in the previous matches.

5: Select players who can bat and bowl.

6: Choose your captain and vice-captain wisely as they earn 2x and 1.5x points respectively as compared to other players in the team.

7: Create multiple teams and join multiple competitions to maximize your chances of winning.

Howzat Fantasy Cricket App Pros and Cons

Any Fantasy Cricket App has its own rules, conditions, advantages, and disadvantages, and Howzat has something similar. Let’s look at its Pros and Cons.


⏵Low Competition
⏵Safe and Trusted
⏵Good Brand Value
⏵Best Referral Program
⏵Low Minimum Payout (₹50)
⏵Available on Google Play Store


⏵I’d Verification is required to withdraw money
⏵It is not allowed in some states
⏵not much game on it
⏵Winning Prices are lower than other apps

Howzat App Customer Care Number

If you play Fantasy Cricket on Howzat and you are facing any kind of problem then Howzat Customer Care Support Team is ready to help you. At present the mobile number of Howzat Customer Care is unavailable.

You can go to your profile for Howzat Customer Support and click on the option “Chat with us” to get your issue resolved. Apart from this, their team can also be contacted through Email and Social Media.

Email Support:


Is Howzat safe?

Yes, the Howzat App is a safe and reliable gaming app. As per the official website, it provides a 100% secure gaming environment to its users.

Is the Howzat App Legal?

Yes, it is legal for use in India. However, it cannot be used in some states of India.

Who is the owner of the Howzat App?

The name of the owner of Howzat App is Ankush Gera who created Howzat App in 2019.

How to earn money from the Howzat App?

Money can be earned by playing Fantasy Game on the Howzat application and by Refer and Earn.

Is KYC required to be done on Howzat?

KYC is necessary to make full use of the Howzat Fantasy Cricket App because without it you cannot add or withdraw money.

What is the minimum withdrawal balance in Howzat?

The minimum withdrawal amount is 100 Rupees.

Is the Howzat app available on the Play Store?

Yes, you can download the Howzat app from the Play Store. Install the Howzat app by typing “Howzat” in the search bar of your Google Play Store.

Can I win real money on the Howzat app?

Absolutely! On Howzat, you can win real money.

What is the referral code for Howzat?

Howzat’s referral code is H3MPGPG3W3. This is to earn Rs 3000 bonus cash.


Howzat App is a very good Fantasy gaming application, from which you can easily earn money sitting at home. All the information has been given in this above article using which you can earn money. There is financial risk in any fantasy game so financial risk is also included in this. To take care of this you can play small contests first and after learning a little, you can move towards bigger contests.

Disclaimer: This game may be habit-forming or financially risky. Play responsibly.

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